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Rossi Novaro Honey | Honey from Tuscany on sale

Honey from Tuscany | Marruca, Heather, Oregano, Medical Herb, Sunflower, Clover, Ivy, Arbutus.

Apicoltura Rossi Novaro honey on sale

Rossi beekeeping company was born in the 60’S in the region of Casentino, near Arezzo. In the uncontaminated mountains of this territory, the owner Novaro Rossi approaches to world of beekeeping as a hobby, which later on became a job. The permanent and sedentary beekeeping activity soon became migratory: part of the bees are moved to the uncontaminated and pure region of Maremma for the production of clear honeys like sunflower, clover and sulla. Over the years Novaro expands the activity, increasing also the number of hives, which caused him to settle down permanently in Grosseto, always keeping a strong connection with his land of origin for the production of forest and chestnut honey. In the 90’S Novaro’s sons start being involved in the business activity of the family and the company moves just outside Grosseto. From the production and transformation of hives products, the activity opens also to the processing of fruits for the production of extra jams, compotes for cheese and fruits in syrup.
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items