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Online sale of Italian Organic Honey

Wide choice of Italian Organic Monoflora honeys from all over Italy. The largest selection of Organic Italian honeys in many formats and on offer at unbeatable prices.

Online sale of organic Italian chestnut, acacia, alpine flowers, orange, lime and eucalyptus honey

The best Organic Honeys Made in Italy for sale: Brezzo Beekeeping in 350g formats for sale and always available.

The largest selection of Italian Organic Honeys for sale at the best price and on offer on Olico.it


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Organic Orange Honey
Apicoltura Brezzo

Organic Orange Honey 350 gr

Price €8.09
Orange Honey  is characterised by an intense fragrance, a very clear colour and a delicate aroma which make it a perfect substitute of sugar in...
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    Organic Eucalyptus Honey
    Apicoltura Brezzo

    Organic Eucalyptus Honey 350 gr

    Price €8.36
    Eucalyptus Honey has the intense aroma of eucalyptus flowers , strong , distinctive and pungent , and the taste is...
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      Organic Chestnut Honey
      Apicoltura Brezzo

      Organic Chestnut Honey 350 gr

      Price €7.55
      Chestnut Honey has a strong and piercing scent as the taste, that is pungent at the beginning, then more bitter; it is rich in mineral salts.
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        Organic Acacia Honey
        Apicoltura Brezzo

        Organic Acacia Honey 350 gr

        Price €9.27
        This organic honey is obtained from Acacia Flowers of the uncontaminated woods of Roero area (Piemonte). It has a very sweet taste and it is...
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          Organic Linden Honey
          Apicoltura Brezzo

          Organic Linden Honey 350 gr

          Price €7.64
          Linden Honey is produced between June and July from selvatic Linden plants’ flowers. It appears very clear after the harvest but after...
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            Organic Alpine Flowers Honey
            Apicoltura Brezzo

            Organic Alpine Flowers Honey 350 gr

            Price €8.09
            Alpine Flowers Honey has an intense aroma   and it is obtained from Bio beekeeping activities situated in the mountains areas of...
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