Together with Treedom we have started an environmental sustainability project which consists in planting trees to support local communities and reduce CO2 emissions. Treedom is the first site that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow the story of the project online that you will help to achieve.

The trees are planted in agroforestry projects that favor the virtuous interaction between different species and a sustainable use of resources and land.The rural communities involved in the projects receive training and financial support. They are the ones who take care of the trees and enjoy their fruits. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity, counteract soil erosion and much more. 

The philosophy is to create sustainable ecosystems and allow farmers to meet the initial costs of planting trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities.

Discover our Project Treedom and follow the growth of our trees by clicking on the Treedom 2023 logo or click here to access the official site.

Olico.it together with Treedom planted its first 20 trees in Africa.

Our trees are photographed, geolocated and have their own online page where you can follow the history of the project you are part of. We plant trees according to a methodology that follows three fundamental principles, the same ones recommended by the Global Landscapes Forum.

This type of tree management gives them a long life by optimizing their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it. It also favors the development of microorganisms, better water retention, reduces soil erosion and runoff and, in the long run, allows nature to regenerate itself.

A small step that marks the beginning of an increasingly constant commitment on the part of Olico.it in sustainability and environmental protection.

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