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Frantoio Valtenesi, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garda DOP on sale

Valtenesi Extra Virgin Olive oil directly to your home | Garda PDO  and Frantoio HS.

The Valtenesi mill is situated in the homonymous valley, on the west side of Garda lake, a perfect area for the cultivation of olive trees, especially of casaliva variety. The company have been included in the corporation of olive oil masters since its birth. This corporation aims at gathering the best olive oil experts and a limited number of producers, who have distinguished themselves for the high quality of their products and also for their professional competence. Since 1999 Valtenesi mill is one of the first company to bear the HS – high standard quality certification. They have received many awards and prizes from institutions and experts of thissector and also lots of recommendations by specialized newspapers and international guides.
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items