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Giuliano Tartufi, black and white Truffle specialties on sale

A wide assortment of Truffles Giuliano Tartufi brand Re Tartu. Truffle Sauce, black, white, olive oil, truffle powder, rice, salt with truffle and many other products.

Italian Truffle products Giuliano tartufi On sale

In 1991 Giuliano Martinelli, a great aficionado of black and white truffles dedicates his time exclusively to the location and selling of fresh truffles, making his first products in a small laboratory in Pietralunga and right afterwards beginning to participate in some of the most important trade shows in Umbria and Italy.
In 2001 the new Giuliano Tartufi company is inaugurated in Pietralunga. It makes white truffle and black truffle products and specialties that are still the most important components of the Giuliano Tartufi product range.
Giuliano has a network of truffle hunters spread throughout the territory, and the fresh truffles are inspected, selected and purchased personally by Giuliano himself.
The company is always in search of novelties regarding fresh truffles, to offer excellent products from the point of view of quality as well as of price.
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Showing 1 - 21 of 37 items