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Peperita: Hot Chilli Peppers Powders on sale

All 17 Hot Chilli Powders Peperita, fresh peppers and spicy gift ideas. Habanero, Carolina reaper, Aji , scotch bonnet, caienna, banana pepper. Curcuma and salù.


Hot Chilli Peppers Powders Azienda Agricola Rita Salvadori on sale

The "Azienda agricola Rita Salvadori" is settled in the heart of tuscany, near Bolgheri (Livorno). This is one of the flat territories of Alta Maremma, a few km away from Tirreno sea coast, characterized by a temperate warm climate during long part of the year. The products are grown according to the Organic/Biodynamic method certified by CCPB and DEMETER. In addition to the chilli pepper and vegetables plantation, the olive grove and the orchard, the farm is provided of a laboratory of transformation with warehouses and offices, the whole inside a completely restored typical tuscan farmhouse. The story of this farm has begun with the production of a spicy tuscan extra virgin olive oil, which made the owner Rita Salvadori to fall in love with chilli pepper's world. She found out that this incredible fruit is extremely versatile in all fields: from decoration, to body care, thanks to its healthy properties, to the culinary field, where it finds its best application. It can be used with every kind of food, from starters, to first and second courses, bread, dessert and even in the preparation of digestive drinks like chilli pepper grappa. In the cultivation of fruits no additives, colourants or chemical preservatives are used! The methods adopted for the preservation and transformation of the products are completely "soft" in order to totally respect the nutritional characteristics of the goods by keeping every ingredient at its natural state.  

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Showing 1 - 21 of 22 items