The peculiarity and versatility of the different kinds of peppers, are better appreciated with the right combination of foods.  The graphic below shows the result of the combinations between foods and peppers. It is just a starting point of a very stimulating and constantly evolving work aiming at experiencing always new tastes.
The most delicate peppers enhance the flavour of raw vegetables and carpaccio, while the spiciest match perfectly with more structured dishes, whose fatty component soften the spicy effect, allowing you to taste the aroma of pepper fruit.

To combine a type of pepper with a specific dish is never easy or banal.
It does not consist simply in taking any kind of pepper, cut it and add it to the preparation. Actually in most cases this only irreparably compromises the taste of dish. The art Flavouring is culture and phylosphy of good taste.

The name "capsicum" derives from the word "capsa" meaning box, a sort of container with seeds.