Sicilian Black Bee Winter honey Tasting Set

Apicoltura Amodeo Carlo

Sicilian Black Bee Winter honey Tasting Set 40 gr x 4

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40 gr x 4

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Our Sicilian Black bee honey assortment is so wide that you can't choose one? You would like to taste them all! Now we've found a solution. Olico presents three differetnt types of Carlo Amodeo honey tasting set divided by season, each one composed of 4 types of 40 gr monodose honey. Perfect to serve with cheese during dinner, or as an original gourmet gift idea.

Winter Honey tasting set:

The Lampedusa beach honey is an absolute novelty for Amodeo beekeeping. It is a mixed flowers honey produced in Lampedusa island, where Carlo Amodeo settled a pure Sicilian black bee breeding station. 

The Vulcano beach honey is strongly characterized by the territory of the island, where the soils are very rich in minerals. It is a complete honey excellent as sweetener.

Carob Tree Honey is a rare honey very difficult to produce. Its main characteristic is the particular fragrance which recalls the carob tree fruit. The taste also is very particular and inebriating. Thanks to its creamy consistancy, it is delicious to enjoy alone, dissolving it slowly in your mouth.

Medlar Honey has a very peculiar scent, very fruity, which reminds the perfume of the medlar flowers. It will soon become a rare honey as fewer and fewer areas are dedicated to cultivating medlar trees.

The Carlo Amodeo beekeeping has a production of the finest and typical Sicilian honeys that borns from the native Sicilian bee, the Black Bee (Sicilian Apis mellifera). Defined black for its dark color, the Sicilian bee stands out thanks to some important features such as productivity and precocity. Moreover, the Sicilian Bee has reduced honey consumption and has a very strong ability to develop even starting from small nucleus.

The Sicilian Black Bee is a "Slow Food" presidium.

We specify that the information about density and colour of honey described in this page could be subjected to changes according to the period of the year.

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16,27 € 16,27 €

In stock

TELEPHONE +39 050 61 38 010


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    40 gr x 4
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Amodeo Carlo Honey

Sicilian Black Bee Honey, slow food beekeeping | Sulla, Cardoon, Thyme, Almond, Medlar, Volcano Island, Astragalus, Asphodel, Lemon, Orange,  Eucalyptus, Carob, Dill, Wildflowers Madonie, Honeydew and tangerine.

Apicoltura Amodeo Carlo

The Company Carlo Amodeo arises from the passion for honey and the world of bees. The company counts 1500 hives and it is structured in three laboratories: one is used for the storage of the supers which arrive from the different flowering areas, and also for the procedure of honey extraction and packaging of final products; a second laboratory is a sort of warehouse where hives are stored; the third one is most recent and its roof, covered with solar panels, produces the necessary energy to power  the refrigerator cell where the pots filled with honey are stored.
The Company Carlo Amodeo is situated in the country, near the slopes of San Calogero park, while the apiares are located thoughout Sicily. This is due to the fact that the company produces monofloral honeys and for this reason it is necessary to find large stretches of flowers of the same species.

Since 2008, thanks to Carlo Amodeo, a Slow Food Presidium has been started, in order to focus people's attention on the risk of extinction of the Apis mellifera siciliana (Black Bee), Sicilian native species. The sicilian bee risked the total extinction in the 70s, but fortunately, thanks to the studies and researches of the sicilian entomologist Pietro Genduso, the species has been saved. Pietro Genduso transmitted his passion to its pupil, Carlo Amodeo, who nowadays is the only breeder of sicilian queen bees and he is also enrolled in the national register.
Negli anni successivi al 2008 altri apicoltori si sono interessati a questa razza ed Staring from 2008 other beekeepers have taken interest in this species, and now the Presidium is composed of eight breeders who recovered the queen bees from Carlo Amodeo. 

Company Registrations:

Professional association of queen bees breeders CRA-INA Bologna
Professional Association  A.I.A.A.R. - Associazione Italiana Allevatori Api Regine (National associationn queen bee breeders)

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