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Oleificio Secchi: Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Sale Fruttato and DOP Sardegna

Delicate extra virgin olive oil from Secchi, Sardinia. Bosana, Sardegna PDO and Organic olive oil. cans available

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Oleificio Secchi Sardinia on sale

Oleificio Secchi 
is one of the biggest reality in Sardegna oil sector that boasts of a wide range of extra virgin olive oils of high quality that has at the top of his products the "Maestro" selection. The machinery used for the production adopts a mixed system: granite millstones for the olives dough and "sinolea" for oil extraction. The olive used is the native and typical one of the north Sardegna, that is Bosana olive.

2° classified Ercole Olivario 2005 and 2009 medium fruity category.
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items