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Casa Lombardi Homemade Tuscan sauces on sale

Fine Tuscan Kitchen | Hare sauces, wils boar ragù, cinta senese, Tuscan crostino

Tuscan typical suces Casa Lombardi on sale

Crema Lombardi was born in 1968 in Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, from the intuition and passion of Romano Lombardi. In the midst of the Italian economic boom, the founder understood that the market would need ready-made sauces, to satisfy those who had no longer time to prepare it on their own.

In order to be appreciated, however, these products needed to have the same taste as the homemade ones, produced with high quality raw materials and according to Italian culinary tradition.

 Today, 50 years later, the second generation of the Lombardi family has continued on this path. Even if the production takes place within a modern structure of 1,200 square meters using modern machinery, the craftsmanship of the productions, the careful selection of high quality raw materials, combined with the passion for their job, still follow the path traced by the founder.

 In addition to the food safety of the products, the company has always paid constant attention to food intolerances, more and more frequent nowadays; for this reason all Casa Lombardi products are gluten-free.

Furthermore, GMOs, hydrogenated fats, food colouring and palm oils are not used.


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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items