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Frantoio Bonamini: San Felice Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Valpolicella DOP on sale

The best of Frantoio Bonamini. Extra Virgin Valpolicella DOP, San Felice, Vert de Vertes, Or de Noires

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Antico Frantoio Bonamini on Sale

The Bonamini family estate extends over the terraced hills overlooking Lake Garda. Here the ripe olives are harvested and hand-treated, as it was in the past. Once they arrive at the mill, they are milled in the modern plant owned by the family and olive oil is cold extracted through continuous cycle. The result is a delicate extra virgin, with a slightly fruity taste, particularly versatile in the kitchen. The olive oils obtained from fruits harvested in the Val d'Illasi (east of Verona) have a low acidity rate, an intense and enveloping aroma and a golden color with green shades.
The top product of Antico Frantoio Bonamini is Veneto Valpolicella DOP extra virgin olive oil, obtained exclusively with olives of Grignano and Favarol varieties This olive oil perfectly expresses the virtues of the territory of origin.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items