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Intini: Intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cima di Mola on sale

Best Farm of the year Flos Olei 2020. Extra Virgin olive oil Cima di Mola, Olivastra, Coratina, Affiorato. Cans available.

Intini Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil on sale

20 acres of olive trees between Alberobello and Valle d’Itria, one of the most prosperous and fascinating areas of Puglia. This is where Olio Intini is produced.
Here the perfect temperature range and a rich soil allow the production of an extraordinary oil with a remarkable level of phenolic compounds. This is a land where the Intini family created a fantastic variety of cultivar, 8 in total, each with a its own signature.
One in particular, Cima di Mola, has awarded the family business the prestigious Slow Food Presidia for the preservation of the cultural heritage and the legacy with these beautiful lands.


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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items