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Delizie di Calabria, Typical food from Calabria on sale

Typical food from Calabria | Chilli Pepper, Love Fire , Bomb, Piccantino, nduja spilinga, Filled chilli peppers, hot sauces and antipasti.

Typical spicy food from Calabria Delizie di Calabria on sale

In the hearth of the beautiful territory of Calabria, Mr Domenico Scalise has founded a singular firm called "Delizie di Calabria". Deeply embedded in Calabrian culture, Delizie di Calabria recovers and diffuses the best of the Calabrian typical rural food tradition, producing genuine gastronomic specialties with simple and artisanal methods, without using antioxidants, colorants and other chemical preservatives.
Operating in the market since 1985, Delizie di Calabria offers a wide set of typical Calabrian products, among which chilli pepper is the most characteristic ingredient.
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Showing 1 - 21 of 36 items